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We know more about the surface of Mars than we do of the Earth's oceans. Hidden in these unknown depths are amazing stories that reveal new truths about our past, our planet and the life within it.

The oceans are the single most important feature of our planet. They shape our climate, our culture and our future. But despite this, their depths have remained a mysterious and unchartered expanse on our maps.

This book, which accompanies a major BBC television series, draws on the most exciting stories from the fields of sub-aquatic archaelolgy, geology, marine biology and anthropology to reveal an astonishing landscape of forgotten shipwrecks, submerged volcanoes and hidden caves.

For Oceans, explorer Paul Rose and his team of expert divers filmed fluorescence in Red Sea corals for the very first time and explored the undisturbed waters of the 'Black Hole' off the Bahamas. They witnessed rarely seen behaviour in sperm whales in the Sea of Cortez and discovered a potentially unknown species below the Arctic pack ice.

Undertaking thrilling and often dangerous dives, Paul and his team show why the oceans are so important to human existence and the possible consequences of climate change on their delicate balance.

Beautifully illustrated with more than 150 colour photographs, Oceans unravels the mysteries of the deep and provides illuminating insights into the vast undersea domain.





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