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If you're seeking wildlife conservation practical work experience directly in the field whilst studying your nature conservation and/or media courses then get in touch!

What you said

My placement with Cumbria Wildlife Trust has gone by too quickly. It seems only five minutes since I was disastrously messing up my interview – which I still got through, showing how understanding the staff are – something that continued to be demonstrated throughout the year, I never felt uncomfortable asking questions, or for asking for help.

I really think that my time spent working with the Trust has given me invaluable experience of working in my chosen field of study; I’ve been involved with the practical management of various habitat types and I’ve a deeper understanding of ecological concepts studied academically; I hope that these practical skills will help to give me a competitive edge over other graduates when applying for jobs at the end of my final year.

Now I have done this placement, my future career ideas have changed somewhat; initially, I was interested in working on a species based, ex-situ conservation program, now, I am quite keen on the idea of working on a more landscape based conservation effort such as the work carried out by the Trust.

I still have one more year at university but I’m eager to get it finished and get out there doing something practical again!

Massive thanks to everyone I worked with and everyone else who made it possible.
Ian Kane, University of Cumbria placement student 2013-14
University of Cumbria