Osprey web cam 2015 clips Foulshaw Moss

2015 Foulshaw Osprey nest cam clips

The male, identified by his 'White YW' leg ring, hatched at Bassenthwaite in 2008. The female, identified by her 'Blue 35' leg ring, hatched at Kielder in 2010. Their three youngsters born in spring 2015 can be identified by their blue leg rings: Blue V2 and Blue V3 appear to be female, and little Blue V4 the last chick to hatch.

6 Aug 2015: The three youngsters are fitted with their ID rings mid July; Blue V2, Blue V3 and Blue V4.

A close-up look at this years 3 chicks, as they were briefly removed from the nest to give them leg rings to allow them to be tracked. Data was also collected about their size and weight. The experienced ringer has a licence to handle Schedule 1 protected species.

27 Jul 2015: Watch the moment that Blue V4 ringed osprey fledged from the nest at Foulshaw Moss nature reserve on 270715 at 0836hrs.

24 Jul 2015: Ringed youngster Blue V2, one of the Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve's 2015 osprey chicks takes flight for the first time. Sibling Blue V3 watches on whilst Blue V4 keeps it's head down...for now. A bit of a shock for one of the youngsters courtesy of Blue 35 female adult at the end too!

24 Jul 2015: Watch the #FoulshawOspreys chicks develop over 2 weeks in July, learning to feed themselves and to finally spread their wings to fly.

10 Jul 2015: The 7th batch of downloaded video footage from osprey cam.

Lots of excitement for #FoulshawOspreys as up to 4 visiting adult ospreys cause upset to the nesting pair. Plus an insight into what the adults do when you can't see them on the live webcam view.

19 Jun 2015: 6th batch of downloaded video footage showing the arrival of the third osprey chick and the rapid growth of the chicks over the next 2 weeks.

White YW (leg ring) male flies in with freshly caught fish whilst Blue 35 female protects and feeds the three chicks (although both adults do share duties).

Bit of a squabble between the siblings too. White YW favourite roost tree stands in the background.

1 Jun 2015: 5th batch of downloaded video footage starting with the resident ospreys (Blue 35 & White YW) defending the nest against a visiting pair of ospreys (the others are flying so not quite seen on the cameras). Then featuring the first chick hatching and being fed on 31/5/2015 & a second little chick spotted on 1/6/2015. 


26 May 2015: 4th batch of downloaded video footage of the two adult ospreys sharing egg incubation and fishing duties. 


1 May 2015:  3rd batch of downloaded video footage (before the live stream was available) of #FoulshawOspreys  showing female osprey (Blue 35 leg ring) sitting on eggs and Bassenthwaite born male osprey (White YW leg ring) returning to the nest with a partly devoured fish.

25 April 2015: Video footage showing female osprey (Blue 35 leg ring) and Bassenthwaite born male osprey (White YW leg ring) displaying courtship behaviour in Spring 2015.

13 April 2015: This wonderful footage showing the female Blue 35 and male White YW ospreys preparing their nest was downloaded from the web camera.

Image of the foulshaw moss breeding pair of ospreys - female on left and male on the right in 2015
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Osprey nest

Watch the osprey family in their nest at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve. They're usually at the nest site between March to early September.

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