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Osprey cam is live streaming from the #FoulshawOspreys nest at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve, near Witherslack.

Listen to and watch the ospreys' live action via a daytime and nighttime view. And, immerse yourself into the ospreys' habitat with our new live interactive camera, kindly donated to us by Axis. 

To use the live interactive camera featured above:

1. Click on the play button. It should open the YouTube app/you may need to install the YouTube app.

2. Use your mouse or tap the screen to move your view around the nest.

3. Zoom in/out by enlarging the screen using the open square symbol in the bottom right corner. Scroll to activate zoom function. 


image of Ospreys blue 35 and white yw at foulshaw moss nature reserve nest

About the #FoulshawMoss breeding pair of ospreys 

The ospreys that favour Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve, near Witherslack, as their breeding ground migrate to their wintering grounds in Autumn, most likely West Africa or Europe. 

The male, identified by his 'White YW' leg ring, hatched at Bassenthwaite in 2008. The female, identified by her 'Blue 35' leg ring, hatched at Kielder in 2010.

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image of Foulshaw moss landscape -copyright ian alexander waite

Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve © Ian Alexander Waite

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Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve

Near Witherslack, South Cumbria


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With thanks to:

  • Langdale based firm Radiata Specialist Tree Services for their support with the nest platform construction and ongoing web camera maintenance.
  • Swarovski Optik for helping with the purchase of the telescope at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve
  • Individuals and funders who made a donation to make this project possible.
  • The amazing volunteers who are on-site in all weathers to watch the ospreys and welcome visitors.

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Blue 35 Osprey female perched with a fish in talons - spain - copyright Alberto Benito Ruiz

Female osprey Blue 35 at the Aguilar de Campoo reservoir in northern Spain, between León and Bilbao © Alberto Benito Ruiz



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Osprey family in roost tree at foulshaw moss nature reserve - copyright ian alexander waite

Osprey family in the roost tree at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve in 2015 © Ian Alexander Waite


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