Osprey pair Blue 35 and White YW offspring- update

Osprey pair Blue 35 and White YW offspring- update

As we eagerly anticipate the return of our Osprey pair Blue 35 and White YW later this month we thought we would update our summary of all the chicks they have raised together in the last six years

Since our pair started nesting in 2014 they have succesfully raised  18 chicks- 9 male and 9 females.  All our chicks are ringed before they fledge the nest. Sadly not all chicks make it this far:  a chick died in the nest in 2016 and in 2020, and in 2019 a further egg failed to hatch. 

Ringing chicks enables us to follow their progress as they grow up, nest and start to raise chicks of their own. Indeed one of our first chicks, Blue 7A,  has been breeding at Esthwaite since 2017.  It is fantastic when we get positive news that at least some of our other chicks have survived their first migration too.  See the reported sightings in the table below.

Summary of chicks
Year RingCode/Name Gender Sightings  
2020 Blue410 (Yan) Female    
2020 Blue411 (Tan) Female    
2019 Blue 3N (Known as Biggie) Female    
2019 Blue 2N (Known as Tiny) Male    
2018 Blue 5N Male Sighted overwintering in the Gambia  
2018 Blue 9N Female    
2018 Blue 7N Male Spotted wintering in southern Spain  
2017 Blue U9 Male    
2017 Blue U0 Female    
2017 Blue N0 Male May 2020 filmed inspecting an occupied nest in Montogomeryshire WT reserve at Dyfi.  See film below  
2016 Blue V8 Male

Spotted in the Gambia in January 2021 at Tanji Bird Reserve by Fansu Bojang.

Photographed at Leighton Moss in 2019

2016 Blue V9 Male    
2015 Blue V2 Female    
2015 Blue V3 Female Sighted at Kielder in 2017  
2015 Blue V4 (Known as Little Chick) Male    
2014 Blue 5A Female    
2014 Blue 6A Female    
2014 Blue 7A Male Breeding at Esthwaite since 2017  


Blue N0 visiting Dyfi reserve in Wales in May 2020 Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust

One of our 2017 brood back from migration and visiting a site at the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust Dyfi Reserve in May 2020

Osprey chicks 2017 at Foulshaw close up

Darren Williams. U0,U9 and N0