There's loads of ways you can discover wildlife in Cumbria!

Discover Cumbria's wildlife

Beautiful beaches, natural woodlands, picturesque parks, fabulous fells and goregous gardens - Cumbria has it all. These pages give detailed information on different aspects of Cumbria's wildlife written by local people.

Great places to see...

Whether you're into birds or fungi there's a special place out there for you. We recommend some of the best places Cumbria and the Lake District has to offer, whatever wildlife takes your fancy.

Audio guide and maps

Download our audio guides to some of our nature reserves.

Habitat explorer

Find out more about the UK’s habitats from wildflower meadows to ancient woodlands.

Species explorer

Find out more about the UK’s wildlife from birds of prey to wildflowers and from marine wildlife to trees and fungi.

Species A to Z

Just like the species explorer but in A to Z format.