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How to help wildlife

Buff tailed bumblebee © Jon Hawkins

Thank you for caring about wildlife

On this page you will find advice on what to do if you are concerned about an animal's welfare and information on ways you can help wildlife thrive where you live.

From building a bug hotel to creating a garden pond, click the button below for some ideas of things you can do yourself to help wildlife. 

Simple things you can do at home to help wildlife

Help wildlife

If you are concerned about an animal's welfare

Cumbria Wildlife Trust does not offer a general service for care and rehabilitation of sick or injured animals. Please follow the relevant link below for advice on what to do if you have found an injured or dead animal.

Animal welfare

I have found an injured bird or animal

I want to report a wildlife crime

I have found a dead animal

Help wildlife

Ways you can help with wildlife conservation at home

From wildlife gardening at home, to connecting with Cumbria Wildlife Trust, there's so much you can do to make an impact for wildlife. 

There's tonnes of handy advice via the links below for how you can help wildlife in your area, and tips for spotting wildlife too!


Animal conservation

I want to help hedgehogs in my garden

Advice on how to help hedgehogs and make your garden or other green space hedgehog friendly.

I want to help garden birds

Advice on how to encourage birds to visit your garden regularly.

I want to help wild bees

Download your free guide to helping bees (PDF) for advice, insights and inspiration to create habitats in your garden or green space that support wild bees and other pollinators.

I want to make my garden wildlife friendly

I want to help red squirrels

How to help red squirrels in Cumbria.

I want to help marine wildlife

Visit The Wildlife Trust's Living Seas North West website for everything you need to know about how to help marine wildlife in the Irish sea and our coastline.

I want to help bats