• Nature Reserves Guide

    New revised edition of our Nature Reserves Guide with details of all 38 reserves, including what to see, maps, directions and photos.


  • Wildlife Trusts Handbook of Garden Wildlife

    An indispensible guide to nearly 400 species of wildlife found throughout the UK and northern Europe.


  • Cumbria has more tarns and small pools than most other counties in England and yet these special places are often overlooked in favour of the more well-known lakes.


  • Wildlife in Trust

    A 100 year history of The Wildlife Trusts, charting the changing fortunes of wildlife and the nature conservation movement founded to protect it.


  • A pictorial guide to the wildlife of South Walney Nature Reserve.


  • Cover image of Tree book

    Tree is a charming collection of nature poetry by Paula Day, in which she imagines trees talking about their lives and how people relate to them. Beautifully accompanied with photography by Val Corbett, this charming collection is presented as a series of ‘riddles’ inviting you to identify 22 different tree species growing in the countryside . The book is published in Cumbria on 100% recycled paper.


  • Oceans cover image

    We know more about the surface of Mars than we do of the Earth's oceans. Hidden in these unknown depths are amazing stories that reveal new truths about our past, our planet and the life within it.


  • Wildlife Walks

    Wildlife Walks is a fully updated guide to over 500 Wildlife Trust nature reserves.


  • 152 Wild Things to Do is a family-friendly guide packed with inspirational ideas to connect with UK wildlife.


  • Historic Cumbria book cover

    With over 14 million visitors each year, you may think it’s odd to describe Cumbria as undiscovered, but the reality is the majority of those 14 million visitors return time and again to the same, well-trodden spots. This book turns the spotlight away from the tourist honey-pots, and on to the hidden gems that are so often missed.