Bird feeder live web cam

This wild bird feeder live cam provides an up close and personal view of birds as they visit our wildlife garden at Plumgarths near Kendal.

The bird seed in these feeders is from Vine House Farm (and the birds love it!)

We've worked with Vine House Farm Bird Foods since 2008 because as much seed as possible is grown, packaged and dispatched from their conservation award winning farm in Lincolnshire

If you'd like to know more about feeding the birds this winter - you might find this article of interest.


About this bird feeder web cam location

This web cam live streams from our wildlife garden at our HQ at Plumgarths, and has been made possible by funding from Suez Communities Trust and is powered by StreamDays . Visitors are very welcome to visit our wildlife garden at any time. 

Whilst you're watching this bird feeder web cam

We'd love to hear about your wildlife sightings whilst you watch this wild bird feeder web cam. Just comment below including the date and time and, if possible, a screen grab too. Happy birdwatching! If you are having any trouble viewing the live web cam, try pressing F5 to refresh the page.

Ways you will help wild birds and other wildlife

Join in the conversation

Use hashtag #BirdWatching to join in the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

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