Carbon contribution scheme

The science is clear. We must reduce our emissions. We must keep carbon locked away.

Peatlands and bogs – the best weapon we have against climate change and locking away carbon

Peatlands are Cumbria’s most important carbon store. They store five times as much carbon as all Cumbria’s trees put together. But our peatlands need our help.

Lack of care has left them a brown and broken wasteland leaking carbon, that has been locked away for thousands of years, back in into our warming atmosphere. Carbon that needs to be kept stored away for the health of our planet.

You can help to do something about this. Cumbria Wildlife Trust is healing these broken landscapes returning our peatlands and bogs back into healthy, vibrant habitats that keep the carbon locked in the ground. 

Please will you help in the fight against climate change? Will you help to repair and protect Cumbria’s peatlands?

 Donate to lock away carbon

Climate Emergency - Help us protect Cumbria's peatlands

Not just brilliant carbon stores

Not only do healthy peat bogs lock away more carbon than they release – they act like a sponge, soaking up rainfall and slowing the flow off the hills, which in turn prevents flooding further down the line. So you can see just how important it is to keep our peat bogs healthy – not just for biodiversity, but to protect our homes and our planet too.

There is little doubt that climate change is due to greenhouse gases (especially CO2) released into the atmosphere by human activity. Levels of CO2 have increased steadily since mankind started burning fossil fuels in large quantities. Our everyday lives have a real impact on our environment. 

Whilst your first aim should be to reduce your emissions (we’re all familiar with the phrase reduce, re-use, recycle) it’s not always possible. By donating you are making a positive contribution to the natural environment by helping work to keep carbon locked away.

Whilst it won’t offset the damage that flying and other lifestyle choices cause – you will be making a positive difference. You will be helping to repair our peatlands, keeping carbon locked away and, over the coming years, locking away more carbon.

When you donate – you will directly help to improve and maintain the quality of this important habitat. In turn, this also provides a place for nature and for wildlife and will increase biodiversity.
A hugely important thing for you to do.

Will you help by making a donation now?

 Donate to lock away carbon

Not only do healthy peat bogs lock away more carbon than they release – like a sponge, they also soak up rainfall slowing the flow off the hills which in turn prevents flooding further down the line.
Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Carbon stores in Cumbria you can visit

Drumburgh Moss, Foulshaw Moss and Meathop Moss Nature Reserves are examples of important peat bogs and raised mires. The peat on these nature reserves was formed over thousands of years. As the mosses and other plants grew, they absorbed carbon. When the plants died, they sank into the water and, along with the carbon they locked away, are now preserved.
These Cumbria Wildlife Trust nature reserves are free for you to visit and enjoy.

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