Dry stone wall and fencing training

Dry stone wall and fencing training

Volunteers dry stone walling at Eycott Hill

This month we have had courses in dry stone walling, post and wire fencing and top wire fencing, meaning that our volunteers who came on the courses will now be on call ready to repair the walls and fences at Eycott Hill Nature Reserve.

This October four volunteers from the Dry Stone Walling Association came and spent two days teaching a group of twelve volunteers and staff how to build a drystone wall which unsurprisingly took quite a bit of thought and planning. 

We spent the two day training course going through the best way to take down and rebuild a section of drystone wall in need of repair, learning the difference between top stones, through stones and packing/hearting stones.

Stephen Atkinson led both the post and wire and top wire fencing courses. He taught us everything that’s involved in putting up a post and wire fence, from how to put in the strainer posts, to tensioning the wire. The top wire fencing took a bit more thought needing taller posts and being more difficult to tension but hopefully out fence will do the job. 

It was a brilliant experience and everybody pitched in, whether it was lifting the large foundation stones or trying to finding the perfect rock to driving a post into the ground or stapling on the wire.