New warden to protect rare terns at Foulney Island

After a difficult year for terns on Foulney Island Nature Reserve, we once again have a seasonal warden to help protect these rare seabirds
Image of Jake Taylor Bruce Foulney Island warden 2021

Jake Taylor-Bruce is this season's warden at Foulney Island Nature Reserve

We're delighted to welcome Jake Taylor-Bruce, our new warden at Foulney Island. Last year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and for the first time since 1973, we weren't unable to have a warden at the nature reserve. As a result, the terns had a terrible year, with none successfully nesting. This year, we're hoping to give these ground-nesting birds the best chance we can, as Jake will be spending the summer living and working on the island to protect them.
Jake has previously worked on the Farne Islands, Handa Island in Scotland, and in the Azores. He will be helped by dedicated volunteers from Morecambe Bay Partnership, who will be on hand to talk to visitors and show them the rare little and Arctic terns that call Foulney Island Nature Reserve home for the summer.

Image of little tern feeding chicks at Foulney Island Nature Reserve

Little tern feeding chicks at Foulney Island Nature Reserve © J Sheldon

Arctic terns migrate from Antarctica to breed around our shores, whilst little terns are our second rarest seabirds. To protect them while they nest here, during the bird breeding season (1 April – 15 August) access to Foulney Island Nature Reserve is restricted to designated paths and Slitch Ridge is closed. No dogs (except assistance dogs) are allowed on the island at this time to protect birds from disturbance. 

Image of little tern with chick © Margaret Holland

Little tern with chick © Margaret Holland