Global Schools Climate Strike on Friday 20 September 2019

Cumbria Wildlife Trust responds to call for global strike
Image of view across Martindale and Ullswater to Helvellyn

Take action for climate crisis: join us to help restore Cumbrian peatbogs like these at Brampton Common

Our natural world is in a critical condition. We continue to lose our most precious remnants of wild natural space and vast numbers of our insects and birds.

Our existing laws are too weak and the climate and ecological crisis we face is not being taken seriously enough.

These are not isolated issues and their solutions mustn’t be either: we need to restore our peatlands, meadows and forests so that they once again capture carbon.

The Wildlife Trusts tackle this climate and ecological emergency every day wherever we can, but for a healthy natural world we all need to take urgent action for nature’s recovery.

The Wildlife Trusts fully support people across the UK who feel compelled to demonstrate their concern. We face heartbreak daily as we see the wildlife we love lost time and time again. 

As a movement, The Wildlife Trusts stand united with all those who share our belief that nature is valuable in its own right as well as being essential to our existence. We believe that:

  • We must come together to restore our habitats on a landscape scale and bring our seas back to life if wildlife is to thrive again. It is time to stop the damage and turn the situation around. 
  • It’s time to accelerate action on the climate crisis including through restoring our natural world, not least our damaged peatlands that currently release the same carbon as three cities.
  • It is not acceptable to continue showing a lack of respect for our natural world, building massive motorways for carbon-hungry cars, destructive High Speed lines or bigger airports across ancient woods and other vital wildlife habitats. 
  • It’s time for new laws that will truly give nature and people a safe and healthy future.

Cumbria Wildlife Trust will support local events, but also continue to raise the profile of the crisis we face and take action for a healthy natural world, playing our part in this powerful movement for change. Since we work for a #WilderFuture every day we will not be actively striking, as such.

On 20 September and every day that it is required we will continue to call for an ecological network for nature’s recovery in law through our Wilder Future campaign.

This network will stop the damage and start to re-build a world in which our fragmented wild places are expanded and reconnected – and make a vital contribution to our shared aims.

Take action

Cumbria Wildlife Trust is taking direct action by encouraging people to come along to help us plant Sphagnum moss at Brampton Common, to help Cumbrian peatbogs grow and remove more carbon from the atmosphere. Why not join us?

Tuesday 24 September 9.00am-5.00pm (book before 4pm Monday 23 September)

Wednesday 16 October 9.00am-5.00pm (book before 4pm Tuesday 15 October)

The work will involve tidying and replacing loose turf, plus transplanting plants into any bare patches, near the High Street Roman road on the tops of Bampton Common (between Haweswater and Ullswater). Treat yourself to some fabulous views! (see photo above).

We also encourage everyone to add your voice to the #WilderFuture campaign and to ask your MP to speak up for nature’s recovery. 

Peatland restoration

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Our Wilder Future. Wilder Cumbria. campaign

Wildlife needs our help. Birds, insects, mammals, plants and trees are struggling to survive with an increasing lack of suitable places to live or food to eat. We're calling for a strong Environment Act in England.

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