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We welcome guest bloggers! If you have something to write home about - whether you've got a trail cam in your garden, or you've been bird watching, or visited one of our nature reserves - if it's to do with Cumbria's wildlife and wild places then we'd love to hear from you!

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How to identify birds of prey

Learn how to ID common birds of prey with our handy online guide.


Peregrine falcon © Steve Waterhouse


Image of Staveley woodlands © Danni Chalmers

Back to the woods

Danni heads back to Staveley Woodlands, after a sixth-month absence, takes in a deep breath of the warming, woodland scents and is inspired once again by this wonderful wildlife habitat


When we were roaming free

I hope this blog finds you all well. Today I am writing to you from my garden “office” accompanied by my children and dogs. I am missing working in Staveley Woodlands, and sad I am not watching it…


Planting and pit-steads

During November we have had a big push in the tree nursery, getting our first load of trees planted and protected from the resident deer population. As some of these young hazel trees are already…


Fungal Forays and Frosty Mornings

As we are creeping through autumn and the nights are drawing in, the mornings are starting get frosty. The crisp leaves that have been blown from the trees in the woods are really crunching…