Scottish osprey invades Foulshaw Moss!

White DP, a 2 year old female osprey visits Foulshaw Moss nesting site keeping our Foulshaw family on their toes, or rather their talons.

Either Blue 35 and White YW let their guard down or they had already left for their wintering grounds, because - sound the alarm - we’ve had an intruder at Foulshaw Moss!

Wanted White DP

Suspect is a large osprey, possiblly female youth, known for trespassing on occupied nesting sites and scaring youngsters...

Last seen at Loch Garton in June 2018 where she was seen off by the nesting pair of ospreys there!

Unfortunately my bounty hunt for a wanted osprey is cut short. This is White DP, the Darvic ring is on the left leg so she’s Scottish!

More specifically she hatched in Stirling July 2016 and is having a wander round the UK and possibly Europe as well like most ospreys do at that age.

When she lands, you can see her frantically looking around for ospreys about that may be on their way to mob her. She got lucky this time! If the chicks were still around it would have been great to see how they reacted.

Sadly, this may be the last osprey at Foulshaw Moss nature reserve for the year. So, we'll hopefully see them again in the April 2018 arrivals!


About the author: Andrew is on a student placement with us in 2018-19 gaining experience in wildlife conservation alongside Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve Officer, Paul Waterhouse.