Osprey eggs laid this week at Foulshaw

Foulshaw Moss from board walk. Cumbria Wildlife Trust

I've just got back from a week's holiday to discover to my delight that the Foulshaw Moss ospreys have definitely laid eggs. My colleagues had downloaded camera footage from this week clearly shows at least 2 eggs.

Last year this same pair laid and hatched 3 eggs, but the third egg was a few days after the first two. I will of course be checking the video form this week to see if there are any more to come.

They are being careful parents and keeping the eggs well wrapped in dry grass, though you will notice that the dad looks a bit less confident when he gingerly takes his turn to sit on the eggs for a while.

You may also spot that he brings in a fish having already eaten half, and then cheekily flies off with it having not offered any to his mate.

So where have I been? I stayed on a huge wetland nature reserve (85,000 acres) in Estonia that gave an insight into what the landscape around Foulshaw and Meathop Mosses may have looked like back when our ancestors were forced to cross Morecambe Bay sands rather than risk the swamps and bogs.

saw ospreys fishing outside the house, and the intact peat bogs still support breeding curlew, whimbrel, golden plover, green sandpiper, common crane, black grouse, hen harrier, montagues harrier and golden eagle. Not to mention the elk and bears! Something to aspire to...

The highlight was probably the lekking capercallie in the middle of the driveway who squared up to our car on several occasions. Possibly seeing his reflection in the paintwork? Up close he was one scary character.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch at Foulshaw Moss the swifts and cuckoos were back and lots of you were out and enjoying the bank holiday sunshine, along with the adders, lizards and green hairstreak butterflies. Don't forget to please tell us what you see.

Here's to another successful breeding season!