Fantastically fledging Foulshaw chicks

2 months have past and our chicks have fledged! They're more active than ever now perching around the Foulshaw Moss nature reserve for another 6 weeks before they head off on their first migration.

The chicks have fledged! First it was Blue 5N to break the ice, after a quick half fly half hop, he takes to the air! Just before 9am on the 14 July. Sorry about the spider web but we can’t clean the cameras while ospreys are there!

The other two weren’t as keen as he was, they’d rather stay in the nest with Blue 35 for another day or so.

Finally, after being well fed Blue 9N is up next. Before she does her leap of faith she decides to ‘lose some weight’ shall we say and take off!

Though Blue 9N leaped off the nest with pride, she may have lost it when coming into land! Looks like Blue 35 and White YW need to build a bigger nest/landing pad.

Due to all three of our Foulshaw chicks fledging means believe it or not, Blue 35 is about to leave for West Africa anytime soon. I don’t blame her wanting to get away from the kids and grab some well-deserved ‘me’ time! It’s time for an early holiday. White YW will be taking charge, bringing in fish for the fledglings and eventually teaching them how to fish over the next 6 weeks.

What day do you think Blue 35 is going to leave for her migration to winter sun? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook using #FoulshawOspreys


About the author: Andrew is on a student placement with us in 2018-19 gaining experience in wildlife conservation alongside Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve Officer, Paul Waterhouse.

image of a wildlife viewing platform with people at foulshaw moss nature reserve

One of the osprey viewing platforms at Foulshaw Moss nature reserve © Julia Garner

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