Magnificent moths

Magnificent moths

Moth ID course at Eycott Hill

On the 8th August Nigel Voaden introduced us to moth identification, and how we could begin to tell kittens from pugs, and tigers from hawks!

In the morning, after an introduction, we began looking at the masses of examples he had caught for us to identify. People enthusiastically asked lots of questions and had a good go at using the id guides and books to identify them, looking at the colourful and furry moths in the jars.  Moths really are fascinating insects with beautifully coloured and patterned wings and some fantastic names. At Eycott Hill you could encounter garden tigers and emperors, or admire a variety of carpets and wainscots!  

In the afternoon, once the rain and wind had cleared, and we were armed with new knowledge on moths, we went out onto Eycott Hill in search of species to be identified. We found some day flying species, and a few micro moths, but most of the moths stayed well-hidden and camouflaged!

It was a great introduction to moths and I’m sure we’ll all be looking much more closely at these incredible insects from now on!

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