Days Two and Three of 30 Days Wild 2017

Favourite nature reads
During the patches of rain over the weekend, I decided to hunker down with a cup of tea (or three) and catch up on some reading. Perfect for that kind of weather, don't you think?

I have always loved reading. Books have that magic ability to be a form of escapism or education and everything in between.

A couple of my favourites...        

From an early age my grandparents started buying me a book each Birthday from the Reader’s Digest Field Guides collection.
By the time I reached secondary school I had most of the series. These books have been great for identifying anything from a mysterious wild flower, to a pesky butterfly that fluttered off just that second too soon. There are lovely illustrations inside, along with the description, appealing and suitable for all ages to enjoy. Sadly my grandparents aren’t around anymore so, as well as being guides that I go back to time and time again, they hold wonderful memories – especially of my childhood – too.

It was my Birthday recently, so obviously books were on the list.
Mum kindly bought me a couple of Wildlife Trust books. One was '152 Wild things to do', which I must say has come in rather handy for ideas for #30DaysWild ! I would highly recommend it, again for all the family.

My final pick is Marine Biology A Very Short Introduction by Philip V. Mladenov.
I became great friends with the last batch of Marine Conservation Trainees. All of the trainees were so enthusiastic about their field, that it rubbed off on everyone in the office. At the start when overhearing them in deep conservation, deciphering what they were saying reminded me of how I felt when I first started foreign languages at school...

Even though the book’s quite ‘wordy’ it was a brilliant read and illustrates ( in both meanings of the word ) marine biology in a relatable manner.

What are your favourite nature reads?