All this exploring and its only week 1! By Katy Ferguson

All this exploring and its only week 1! By Katy Ferguson

Wildflowers and bee at Vulcan Park
© Katy Ferguson

Nature can be found right on your doorstep, you just have to step out and take a good look around. 30 Days Wild is a great challenge for getting back in touch with the world around you and its not something you need to devote large chunks of your time to (unless you want to!) and you don't have to travel far and wide to discover interesting and beautiful things (again, unless you want to of course!)

Day 1 of my 30 days wild took place in one of mine and my daughters favourite places, Vulcan Park in Workington. She is two and mad about the outdoors, will happily spend ages looking at pretty flowers or investigating interesting bugs, a particular favourite being spiders, which she calls 'cute'. Throw in a set of swings and a slide and you've got yourself a full afternoon. All this can be found in Vulcan Park. We played on the swings underneath the Scots pine trees, which have been dropping cones for brilliant collecting games, then off for a walk around the wildflower area created by Workington Town Council and Cumbria Wildlife Trust to get Cumbria buzzing with bees, already attracting a lot of our yellow and black friends.

Day 2 was spent cultivating a wild space in our own home. As we just have a yard we've decided to make a planter garden with 2 apple trees, a selection of wildflower pots and a windowsill garden for the little one. It is already popular with wildlife, we have a resident ladybird who we've named Larry living on our lavender plant, a brilliant natural pest control who cleared my greenfly riddled rose bush in a matter of days! It doesn't matter how big your space is or how green fingered you are (I am not!) you can still make that little corner of your world a green space.

Day 3 was a walk to a local baby group which had unfortunately been cancelled but luckily the route is a beautiful one, and one of my personal favourites. The old railway line that runs from Workington Town centre to Distington is a underrated nature walk, very pushchair friendly, popular with dog walkers and cyclists, its lush green trees and various wildflowers means there's always something new to look at, and if you get to the stretch between Harrington and Distington there has been a few sightings of red squirrels!

Day 4 was a wet walk to the library, but a bit of rain isn't going to stop us! With little one in her pram under a rain cover and me with a jacket on, we spotted gorgeous purple flowers growing out of a garden wall, and a walk though Vulcan Park on the way home to admire the trees (little one wasn't wearing her splashsuit so sadly no park, much to her disagreement!) then home to do the very serious job of organising the stickers that came in our 30 Days Wild pack.

Day 5. If you didn't get chance to get one of these packs I'd urge you to check out the Cumbria Wildlife Trust website, it has loads of information and free kids nature activity guides, available to download, my wild summer, my wild winter and my wild coast. I downloaded and read these on my lunch break at work,  loads of great ideas for our days off.

Day 6. After a busy day at work, some times you don't have the time (or energy!) for anything too wild, so my solution is reading nature themed books, my little one loves a book before bedtime so our 30 Days Wild inspired selection were Colin the Crab by Susie Mason, a lovely pop up book that teaches the importance of returning creatures to where you find them when exploring rockpools, Two frogs by Chris Wormell, and of course, Beatrix Potter.

Day 7. Another trip to Vulcan Park to play and check out the wildflower meadow. Always plenty of bees attending it now and its lovely to see how quickly the flowers have bloomed over the last few weeks.

Day 8 was a busy day visiting family but still managed to fit in splashing in puddles on our way into the supermarket and watching a slug from the window, my two year old called it 'pretty' as it slithered on its way.

Day 9 began with an early morning play in the park, in which we found a tree bumblebee lying on the ground under the swings. With my trusty bug catching pot, an essential when leaving the house, we gently caught it and had a little look, then it was swiftly released. Then the afternoon was spent walking the dog along Maryport shore, taking in the beautiful views of the Solway Coast.

All this exploring and its only week 1! 30 Days Wild is something that can be fitted into your busy everyday life, whether its splashing in puddles on the way to the shops, admiring the colour of the sky on your way to work, listening to birdsong when hanging the washing out, or seeing an interesting looking flower sprouting from the pavement. I hope I've given you some ideas on how to make your day a little more wild, and look forward to seeing everyone else's 30 Days Wild on Twitter - #30dayswild @30dayswild