Talks, training and Christmas party

Lancaster and Morecambe college students at Foulshaw Moss 2015

The highlights from a busy couple of weeks in the run up to Christmas.

Towards the beginning of the month I visited Craven College to attend a governors’ meeting where I was to give a talk. I am completing a Level 3 Diploma in environmental conservation as part of my apprenticeship through the college (via a tutor who comes to visit me at work once a month) and they wanted their governors to learn more about apprentices and what we get up to. The principal said that as we never actually go into college it can feel like they don’t know much about us or what we do and so before the meeting I gave a brief presentation on how I got onto the trainee scheme, what I do and what I plan to do in the future. It seemed to go down well and I’m hoping the practise is paying off as I have talks coming up in January for both our all staff meeting and Craven Conservation Group.

The following week I went along to a work party at Foulshaw Moss to help the Reserve Officer Simon with a group of students who were coming to help us from Lancaster and Morecambe College. We planted oak saplings and pulled up rhododendron regrowth and it was great to have so many pairs of hands helping out. We got all of the trees planted and made a big difference to the amount of rhododendron around and although some of the students weren’t as keen as others to be knee deep in peat bog they all said it was better than being at college! They also brought a surplus of lunch with them which was great for me and the other volunteers who had left our lunches back in the car park.

Lancaster and Morecambe college students at Foulshaw Moss 2015

Lancaster and Morecambe college students at Foulshaw Moss 2015

On the 11th December I attended the Cumbria Local Nature Partnership Board meeting to take the minutes and there was much discussion about the recent flooding and solutions to it which was very interesting to listen to. Afterwards was the Cumbria Wildlife Trust staff Christmas lunch and ceilidh and a very good time was had by all – my team even won the quiz!

Other than that I have been mainly planning the upcoming talks I mentioned earlier and also a couple of training sessions I am delivering for colleagues and a potential work party. The training sessions are on how to use the Trimble, our new mobile mapping device we use for surveying, and so I have been preparing these and producing the materials for them. This should be a really useful experience for me as I have never delivered training before and know that it’s a valuable skill to have. The work party is for a farmer that needs some scrub clearing off some of his wetlands – I will visit the site this week and know more about it then.

After a lovely fortnight off for Christmas I am looking forward to making the most out of the last eight months or so of my apprenticeship. I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and have your best year yet!


About the Author: Kate Cartmel-Done was Apprentice Conservation Officer with Cumbria Wildlife trust from 2014 to September 2016