Meadow Life Ceilidh

Meadow Life is a hay meadow restoration project that has been running here at CWT for three and a half years. It comes to an end at the end of October, so the ceilidh was organised to celebrate the project’s successes and to bring everyone who’d been involved in it together.

 It was an enjoyable evening with a vegan-friendly buffet and the reserves manager Andrew Walter’s band ‘The Weird Strings’ playing and leading the ceilidh.

As Meadow Life achieved so much (110 hectares of Hay Meadows have been restored!) and is now coming to an end, Cumbria Hay Meadows Network has been set up to continue the good work.

Paper daisies 2016

Paper daisies

Mine and Isaac’s contribution, as well as helping with some plug planting, was making about 110 hectares worth of paper daisies to decorate the village hall where the ceilidh was held. The hall liked these so are keeping them as permanent decorations - so our hard work didn’t go to waste either!