Wildlife Walks

Wildlife Walks from Cumbria Wildlife Trust. Photo: Matthew RobertsWildlife Walks from Cumbria Wildlife Trust. Photo: Matthew Roberts

If you love looking for wildlife while you're out rambling, this series of walks are for you. They have been devised exclusively for Cumbria Wildlife Trust by Beth Pipe, Cumbrian hiker, blogger and freelance writer.

The six Wildlife Walks cover a range of beautiful landscapes and habitats, many off the beaten track, from fell top to sea shore and several of them include visits to our nature reserves.

Even if you go walking regularly in Cumbria, you may well discover some quiet, tucked-away corners for the first time!

A special feature of these walks are the Wildlife Highlights that Beth has written. She describes the wonderful variety of birds, plants or animals that you are likely to see on the walks during the different seasons, and points out interesting geological and historical facts along the way.

The walk routes are illustrated with photos by Steve Pipe and images by wildlife photographers.

There are six walks available to download:

  • Shoreline walk around Arnside Knott
  • Coastal walk on the Solway Estuary
  • Farmland ramble near Burns Beck Moss Nature Reserve
  • Felltop walk in Martindale
  • Clifftop walk at St Bees
  • Walk around South Walney Nature Reserve

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