Lakes holiday cottage company backs wildlife conservation

Lakes holiday cottage company backs wildlife conservation

Lakelovers Holiday Cottages is one of the latest Cumbrian-based companies to join the Trust as a corporate member
Image of osprey chicks at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve, 2018

Osprey and chicks at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve in 2018

Paul Zanelli of Lakelovers said: “The Lake District has been home to Lakelovers Holiday Cottages for over 40 years. But for much longer than that, the unique wild landscapes of Cumbria have been home to some very special wildlife, such as ospreys and red squirrels. Many of these treasured species are becoming endangered, which is why we feel the work of Cumbria Wildlife Trust is so important. At Lakelovers we feel it’s vital that the Lake District is preserved for future generations, so they too can enjoy the unique diversity of the Lake District landscape that is so dear to us, our cottages owners and guests.”

Michelle Waller, Senior Development Officer at Cumbria Wildlife Trust, said: “It’s wonderful to work with companies such as Lakelovers who want to help wildlife conservation for the long term. At Cumbria Wildlife Trust we are committed to the conservation of wildlife and wild places all across the county, from Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve in the south, with its pair of breeding ospreys, to our latest project at Gosling Sike near Carlisle, an exciting venture which combines training and volunteering opportunities with an ambitious project to develop a wildlife-friendly community garden.”

To find out more about how businesses can support our work through the Corporate Membership Scheme, contact Michelle Waller on 01539 816300 or email