Lakeland hotel creates meadows for wildlife

The Daffodil Hotel and Spa in Grasmere pledges its support for wildlife as a corporate member of Cumbria Wildlife Trust
Image of view from Daffodil Hotel Grasmere

View from the wildflower meadow at The Daffodil Hotel in Grasmere, looking towards Dunmail Raise

Michelle Waller, Senior Development Officer at Cumbria Wildlife Trust said: “We’re delighted to welcome The Daffodil Hotel as new corporate members. Over the last couple of years, the hotel has done a lot to improve the gardens for native wildlife with the appropriate management. This includes areas of the grounds which have been nurtured as a wildflower meadow, giving pollinators like bees and butterflies somewhere to thrive. They also plan to keep their own beehives. Their commitment to local wildlife makes them an ideal partner for us the Trust, as we work hard to protect and preserve Cumbria’s wonderful wildlife and wild places.”

Steve Russell, Concierge at The Daffodil Hotel, said that they wanted to do more than just tick the boxes for better environmental practice: “It’s not just the beautiful landscape - the fells, lakes, rivers and woods - that so many of our guests come to enjoy but often the wildlife that inhabits it and we want to encourage that appreciation. We keep a couple of pairs of binoculars at the concierge desk that they can borrow for a small donation to Cumbria Wildlife Trust. When they come back from a walk and say they’ve seen a raven or a peregrine over the fells, watched a heron on the lake, a dipper on the river, a red squirrel or a roe deer in the woods, you can see that it’s really made their day. Best of all, they know that their donations will be put to good, use ensuring people can continue to enjoy our outstanding flora and fauna.” 

To find out how businesses can join us as a Corporate Member, contact Michelle Waller on 01539 816300.