Brampton-based business stands up for wildlife

WCF Ltd, based in Brampton, is standing up for local wildlife by becoming a corporate member of Cumbria Wildlife Trust

As the owner of several Cumbria-based businesses, including domestic and agricultural heating oils and pet and equestrian supplies, the company feels that this partnership makes sense.  

Phil Murray, Deputy Managing Director at WCF Ltd, said: “We are delighted to give our continued support to Cumbria Wildlife Trust.  Many of our colleagues and customers have a keen interest in protecting local wildlife and every year we see increases in the sales of wild bird and red squirrel feed. The fantastic conservation work undertaken by the Trust ensures we are able to continue to enjoy the diverse wildlife we have here in Cumbria and we wish the Trust every success in their future endeavours.”

Michelle Waller, Senior Development Officer at Cumbria Wildlife Trust said: “We’re very grateful to WCF Ltd for the support they give us as corporate members of the Trust. It makes all the difference to have local companies on board, who share our aims and objectives. Their support is invaluable in helping us to deliver some exciting new projects, such as at Gosling Sike in Houghton near Carlisle. We are working with volunteers to create a community wildlife garden with an orchard, wildflower areas, hedgerows and bird seed feeding bays. Not only will it be a great place for wildlife, it will be an amazing place for people to visit.”

To find out more about how businesses can support the work of Cumbria Wildlife Trust through the Corporate Membership Scheme, contact Michelle Waller on 01539 816300 or email

It makes all the difference to have local companies on board, who share our aims and objectives.
Michelle Waller
Senior Development Officer, Cumbria Wildlife Trust
image of Drumburgh moss nature reserve

Corporate members help us support wildlife and wild places throughout Cumbria, such Drumbrugh Moss Nature Reserve