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A History of the Dunes

Location: Virtual Online Talk, Plumgarths
Crook Road
Kendal, Cumbria, LA8 8LX
Join our Dynamic Dunescapes People & Engagement Officer and a special guest in this talk about the history of Cumbrian dunes.

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6:30pm - 7:30pm
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About the event

Eve Mulholland, Dynamic Dunescapes People & Engagement Officer, and special guest Iain McNicol, a local historian will be guiding us through the dunes with a chronological presentation featuring archaeological and historical features of our coastline.  Iain has been working in schools, museums and festivals as a live historical interpreter since 1989 and has been involved in numerous archaeological excavations over the years.

Our sandy mountains dominate our coastline. Formed over time, over thousands of years ago, they are naturally changing environments. As they build and develop, shift or reshape, elements of their past still stand amongst the dunes whilst new stories and secrets can be uncovered in the sand. 

The talk will take place online, so you can join Eve and Iain from the comfort of your living room. We expect the talk to last around an hour, and there will be opportunity for any questions. All you’ll need is a laptop, desktop PC, or smartphone!

Tickets are limited, so please book in advance. We recommend a minimum donation of £2.50 per device. The talk will take place via Demio. Details of how to join the event will be provided when you book - please scroll down to the bottom of the confirmation email for these details.



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