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The climate crisis - fight it on your doorstep

Derwentwater Bridge in Flood © John Malley

Fires in Australia, drought in USA, flooding in Cumbria. 

Climate change isn’t just happening somewhere else, it’s happening here in Cumbria.

Many of us feel helpless, and ask ourselves ‘what can I do to help stop climate change?’

"We must immediately begin improving carbon absorption, drawing it down and locking it up again, while also reducing emissions. We must stop the harm we are causing the natural world that is pushing other species to the point of extinction. If we don’t address the causes of climate change in time, communities across the world stand to simultaneously face multiple intensifying climate hazards that pose a broad threat to humanity"

Extinction Rebellion

Donating a regular amount every month is one of the most effective ways you can directly tackle climate change and the biodiversity crisis.

Digger repairing peat in the Lake District

Donate £3 to lock away carbon

image of peat bog at foulshaw moss nature reserve

Donate £7 to lock away carbon

Diggers repair damaged peat in the Lake District fells

Donate £10 to lock away carbon

#BigChangeForCumbria #BigChangeForWildlife

Cumbria Wildlife Trust has been restoring peatlands across the Lakeland fells since 2015. This vitally important work means 7,694 tonnes of carbon dioxide is locked into peatland soils this year and every year in the future. With your help we can do even more.

Donating a regular amount every month will help combat climate change and tackle the biodiversity crisis. 

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