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Bowber Head Farm © Cumbria Wildlife Trust

With their colourful flowers and herbs, the fields at Bowber Head Farm are very special.

With only 900 hectares of northern hay meadows left in existence, these are the most threatened and vulnerable wildlife habitats in Cumbria.

So, it's important we protect and improve them.

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There are many rare species on the farm, but the quality of the meadows has been in decline over the last 20 years.

Surveys over the summer of 2020 have shown many species remain – but work is needed to restore Bowber Head Farm back to being the best example of northern hay meadows.

Over the next two years:

  • We need to collect seed to be grown and planted out the following year.
  • We need to make changes to the land management to benefit the flowering species and spread green hay seed to encourage new growth.
  • Walling, fencing and gates are needed to ensure areas of Bowber Head Farm are protected from grazing stock.
  • We also aim to install nesting boxes for barn owls and other smaller birds.

Alongside this, we'd like to make improvements to the site to make it easier for you to visit – with areas to park, signage and someone to welcome you at key times. 

Please will you make a donation to help restore the northern hay meadows and carry out the work needed at Bowber Head Farm?

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Bowber Head Farm will be open to you between 24 June and 11 July 2021