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Did you know there are over 15 million gardens across the UK, a whopping 667,000 acres, an area seven times the size of the Isle of Wight! Think of the difference it could make for these hugely beneficial insects if each garden or green space was cared for in a pollinator-friendly way.

By simply creating a wildflower patch, adding pollinator-friendly plants to your borders or planters, and mowing less frequently can make a big difference, increasing the survival rates of bumblebees, butterflies and other pollinators significantly.

Our project area follows ‘best fit’ pollinator pathways across north west Cumbria. Making your garden or local green spaces more pollinator-friendly will help strengthen our efforts. The extra habitat will not only help boost local populations, it will also create additional stepping stones of flower-rich habitat increasing the connectivity between the sites we are restoring and creating too.

If you’ve planted for pollinators, simply add your postcode to the map so we can see where Cumbria is buzzing! Our mission, with your help, is to cover the whole of our project area with gardens and green spaces full of wild pollinators!

The project area is outline in red on the map below. If your garden space is outside the project area, don’t worry, we are happy to include this too.

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Thank you for helping pollinators by getting your garden buzzing. Pass on this great work by downloading the pledge to help pollinators.

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