Poem: 'Spiral Down'

Poem: 'Spiral Down'

 Autumn beech woodland © Don Sutherland

A poem inspired by Gosling Sike.

Spiral Down

A biorhythmic pause

Is like a drumbeat, heartbeat,

Carrying news that time has stilled,

And craving hearts, not craven

Take up that beat, surround

And symphonise in sympathy.

Echoing quiet is encroached –

The yearning need for space’s chasm

Is constantly denied.

I am the centre of the target,

Concentric circles closing in.

The shadow of another’s body

Falls across the path of me

And presses close behind.

I strain to hear

The newly silenced birds,

And different blooms shake

Their heavily scented heads.

The circle turns, memories fade,

So I look up –

From the centre of this circle

I look up, blink,

In the strengthening rays,

And spiral out.