The Winds of Winter

Female osprey Blue 35 at the Aguilar de Campoo reservoir in northern Spain, between León and Bilbao © Alberto Benito Ruiz

An update on the chicks, Blue 35 enjoys the Spanish Sun, and I publish the most interesting of my Foulshaw Photos.

Come fly with me

In this update, we have some sad but exciting news. Much like a particularly short season of your favourite T.V. show, all good things must come to an end. It seems the chicks finally realised winter is coming, and as of Friday 1st of September have left Foulshaw Moss to begin their 2000+ mile journey back to the west coast of Africa. The last time we saw the chicks, they were still growing strong, so we shouldn’t have to worry too much about them on their journey.

Azul 35

We also have an update on Blue 35 too! Last week she was spotted feeding in the north of Spain where this fantastic footage was captured.

This is doubly special for us at CWT, because now we have the first of potentially many points which will one day be used to map Blue 35’s route to Africa, and if we are very lucky we might find out exactly where she overwinters. .

Till next year!

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this year's Osprey Viewpoint blog, but unless any more reports come in of their migration then this may be farewell until next year!  

Have a great year, and check back every once in a while for any more updates! 


About the author.

James is a student placement gaining experience in wildlife conservation alongside Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve Officer, Paul Waterhouse.