What to expect and when

Osprey on nest. Cumbria Wildlife Trust

The return of the ospreys to Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve has been pretty predictable over the past 4 years, normally they arrive within the first week of April.

White YW has been the first to arrive back and sets about establishing his territory again and preparing the nest for the return of his mate, Blue 35.

There are often only a couple of days between the arrivals of each adult even though they take separate journeys.

Key milestones in the #FoulshawOspreys calendar

  • Beginning of April – Ospreys return
  • End of May/Beginning of June – Chicks hatch
  • Mid to End of July – Chicks Fledge
  • Late August – Ospreys set off on their migration south to West Africa (likely Senegal or The Gambia) stopping off on-route in Portugal, Spain or Corsica 

As well as our resident pair of ospreys we often observe visiting ospreys to Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve throughout osprey season (April - August)

Osprey blue-35 protecting nest from visitor

Osprey blue-35 protecting nest from visitor. Cumbria Wildlife Trust 2016

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About Grace: A student placement gaining experience in wildlife conservation alongside Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve Officer Paul Waterhouse.