Return of the nest camera

We have a breakthrough with our camera issues!

Great, brilliant, wonderful, exciting news!

We have recently been working with Vodafone to try and get our osprey nest camera back on-line and re-start sending us some images back from Foulshaw Moss. Unfortunately, recently it has only been sending us black and white night time images. Thankfully, we had a breakthrough a few days ago and identified the problem. The nest camera now sends us regular daytime colour updates and what a surprise it was to us all when we saw clearly that we have three chicks and not two as we originally thought. If you visit Foulshaw and watch the nest (binoculars are essential with a telescope being best), the adults are clearly seen bringing back several fish a day to feed them. All this work is paying off as what a size they are!! Haven’t they grown? We will endeavour to share this spetacle with you and post these images as often as we can, and hopefully we’ll be able capture them as they rapidly grow and eventually