Leg rings and our new camera

Osprey ring White YW. Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Introducing our Foulshaw ospreys their leg rings and our newly installed trail cam
White WW male on nest 2014

White WW male on nest 2014. Cumbria Wildlife Trust

This image shows the male's leg ring. He has a white ring on the right and the letters show that he was born on Bassenthwaite in 2008 (a local lad). Look out for the female who has a right blue leg ring and was born in Kielder Forest in 2010. 

Still camera  osprey on nest 2014

Still camera  osprey on nest 2014. Cumbria Wildlife Trust

We have been receiving some wonderful images of osprey on the nest from Foulshaw Moss over the last few weeks. Mounted next to the nest, we have mounted a clever trailcam that takes a high resolution image every 6 hours and sends it over mobile phone signal to an email address that can also be accessed by a mobile phone.  The nest and birds are therefore always being watched by these clever little things. The cameras also work by infra-red at night so we can get images of the female sitting at night as well. 

Here's todays image taken at 5:58am. It was a bit of a cold night for here with the camera showing 7deg.