Leg ringing

Ringing 2014 Osprey chicks. Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Big day as we get close to the chicks to fit leg rings

Yesterday we had the privilege of getting very close to the osprey chicks (under licence of course as it is illegal to disturb a nesting osprey). They had become old enough to place identification rings on their legs. This is mainly for research and identification purposes and was carried out by a very experience ringer. And what a wonderful day for it! Helped by tree climbers from North-west Electricty, we approached the nest in bright sunshine very early in the morning. On seeing us, the adults birds circled the nest and stayed within sight while we quickly carried out the work. They were back on the nest soon after we left. It was fascinating to see the chicks close up after seeing so many images of them over the last few months. They were magnificent, large and healthy birds, and what a size! We could also make estimation as to their sex and we have 2 female and one male. A metal ring was placed on the left leg and a coloured/numbered ring on their right leg. The females are now identified by rings showing 5A and 6A and the male is 7A. They should take their first flight from the nest within the next 10 days so look out for this. It should be a real spectacle.