Kielder (Blue 35)

It was nice to have a conversation with Joanna recently who has been involved with ospreys making a successful come-back over in Northumberland.

She was excited when she heard that our female (leg ring - 'Blue 35') was now at Foulshaw and was making an attempt at breeding. Blue 35 is a fledgling from Northumberland (one of the first known Kielder ospreys to breed), and Joanna had watched the bird from an egg back in 2010.

If we are successful this year and have young, then what a great conservation story as Foulshaw Moss plays a small part in the recovery of the British Isles osprey population - from its extinction in 1916; to its comeback in 1954; to an estimated population now of 240 pairs. Osprey still however remain the fourth rarest bird of prey in the UK.

If you have time it is worthwhile visiting the wonderful Northumberland osprey blog at Kielder Ospreys

Still camera Blue 35 on nest 2014

Still camera Blue 35 on nest 2014. Cumbria Wildlife Trust