I'm back! First osprey sighting of the year at Foulshaw

Great news this week. finally an osprey was spotted flying into Foulshaw Moss with a fish at lunchtime on Sunday 5th April. Several frustrating days of fog followed, but it was spotted occasionally every day since.

And local residents were treated to a pair of marsh harriers demonstrating their fantastic display flight on Tuesday too!

 On Wednesday afternoon the osprey apparently sat on the nest for at least 45 minutes, and has certainly been spending time circling and perching near it when I have been watching. The rest of its time has presumably been spent fishing to get its strength back after flying back from Africa at full tilt. 

Nobody has yet to report seeing the colour ring on its leg, which will reveal which of our pair this bird is. Or even if its a young intruder hoping to muscle in on their territory and bring us even more excitement? 

Our new nest cameras aren't yet streaming live video, but they are already recording. We should be able to download some footage and share it soon. That is beyond my technical abilities so you'll have to bear with me until next week, when all will be revealed.

In the meantime here is our very first image from the new cameras: a picture of a tree surgeon from Radiata Tree Services, who helped us install the cameras safely. I'm really looking forward to some superb osprey pictures.

I will keep you posted! Simon