Feeding time at Foulshaw Moss

These are great shots taken from one of our nest cameras showing the birds bringing in fish and eating them on the nest. Osprey feed almost exclusively on fish

They look for fish by hovering over the water, although sometimes they are able to use a perch from which to sight their prey. They dive into the water with wings swept back, thrusting their talons forward at the last minute to grab the fish from below the surface.

In general, adults are successful about once every four dives, but it takes juveniles quite a bit of practice before they master this.

Ospreys hunt for fish in both salt and fresh water. At Foulshaw Moss the typical prey species will be seafish including salmon, trout and sometimes flat fish. The have a 'very' nearby source of food being the River Kent Estuary and the whole of Morecambe Bay!