Chicks hatched at last... have a look!

Blue 35 feeding forst osprey chick June 2015. Cumbria Wildlife Trust

#FoulshawOspreys chicks hatched this week

What have the ospreys been up to this week?

First you can see the female showing some considerable aggression towards another pair of ospreys that appeared on Weds 27th May and flew around the nest for an hour. Young ospreys often try to take over existing nests, so luckily the male chased them off. The visitors never came low enough to be visible on camera, so we don't know if they were ringed.

Then we cut to the chicks being born, and being fed morsels of fish. The first was spotted on Sunday 31st May, and the second on Monday 1st June. The third and final osprey has been reported by several people today, who saw it on the live webcam. Sadly just too late to be included in this footage.

Mum has been keeping them well wrapped up under her, except at feeding time, but you will eventyually get a glimpse if you keep checking the nest cam on our website.

Thanks to everyone who has commented on when they saw the chicks. That is really useful, please keep sending us your sightings. Sorry I haven't been able to respond to you all personally, I'm afraid its been a bit hectic at work.

Today the osprey chicks featured on BBC NW Tonight & Radio Cumbria, and then the webcam exceeded its maximum number of viewers! Its great that everyone else seems as excited about them as we are.