Carry On Nesting

The Foulshaw Moss Ospreys are back in the UK! James is a student placement gaining experience in wildlife conservation alongside Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve Officer, Paul Waterhouse. Here he continues his blog with the return of Blue 35 and White YW in 2018

It seems like an eternity since I was last here writing a blog for the Foulshaw Ospreys, but here we all are again much to our delight! Blue 35 soared back into view, and our lives, a little after 4pm on Friday 30th of March – a mere couple of hours after she was first spotted last year!

Osprey nest cam footage - Blue 35's arrival 2018

It was a little worrying for a few days as her mate, White YW, was nowhere to be seen while a blue-ringed Scottish male was poking around the nest. At one point Blue 35 and the rogue male even seemed to mate, terrifying all of the Whitlue shippers nationwide! Thankfully he arrived at half two on Wednesday 4th of April, arriving with a crash onto Blue 35’s back

Osprey nest cam footage - White YW's arrival 2018

Obviously, after such a long flight he needed a few minutes to recuperate, but that’s all the time he needed - because within 5 minutes of his return the pair mated – and then he was back in the air to see off the intrusive Scottish bird.

Osprey nest cam footage - First mating 2018

Osprey nest cam footage - White YW returns from hunting 2018

If you haven’t noticed yet, Blue 35 and White YW have returned to the original camera nest, so no longer will you have to rely on my shaky DSLR videos. Since getting back, white YW has been busy supplying fish for Blue 35, bringing several fish in every day (usually with the head already eaten).

We don’t as of yet have a confirmed sighting of Blue 35 away from Foulshaw Moss, however a blue-ringed English bird was seen yesterday fishing at RSPB’s Leighton Moss Nature Reserve (perhaps the male seen on the camera late last week). These photos have been kindly supplied by Keith Grafton.

We will be sure to keep you all informed if anything interesting pops up (like eggs for one!) Make sure to keep watching osprey live webcam here and let us know by commenting below the cam screen if you see anything of interest too – we may have missed it and would love to hear from you in any case.
Until my next blog, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below or join in the conversation in social media using #FoulshawOspreys