Artificial nest platform

Osprey nest tree at Foulshaw Moss 2015.  Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Our pair of birds have decided for the second year to make their nesting home on a ready built platform. The artifical nest is located high up in a tree right in the middle of the very, very wet, deep peat bog.

Watching the professional tree climbers build the nest was a joy. They were so skilled swinging from limb to limb, a real art! A frame is fixed to the tree first using thin planks of wood, and then a sheet of steel mesh is fixed to the frame as a platform.

The artificial nest is then built using bundles of sticks, all tied together with cable ties. Then the nest is filled with grass and moss and the final touches include daubing white paint around to look as though it has been used. 

Ospreys takes readily to these man made structures.