By Way of Introduction

Foulshaw Moss is a large lowland raised bog (peatbog) in south Cumbria that is owned and managed by Cumbria Wildlife Trust.
Photo of an osprey on its nest at Foulshaw

Posted Thursday 10th April 2014

Over the last decade, the Trust has been carrying out one of the largest peatland restoration projects in the country with the aim of securing the future of the peat and the home for all its amazing wildlife!

This blog is centred on Foulshaw's wildlife, two ospreys that arrived back to the UK from Africa on April 6th 2014. They have been on the nature reserve now for almost four weeks and have settled onto a nesting site in the middle of the bog.

We hope to keep you updated as to their activities and provide some wonderful images of these stunning birds.

Hope you enjoy a visit to Foulshaw and watching the ospreys.