Write in Nature

We enjoyed a brilliant creative writing day at Eycott Hill back in May. The sun was shining, sky larks singing, and inspiration found at every turn.

Local writer Geraldine Green led the day, providing wonderful writing prompts and support.

You can find out more about Geraldine at http://geraldinegreensaltroad.blogspot.co.uk/  and she's kindly shared some of her writing from the day: 

Thank you God of Ash Trees. Thank you Goddess of Pastures.

Thank you rain for not raining, - although I like the rain. Thank you wheatear for perching so perfectly on a post this morning at Eycott Hill.

Thank you kestrel for obliging us with your hover, catching "this morning morning's-minion, dappled-dawn drawn-falcon" (GMHopkins).

Thank you rocks for hosting us so comfortably and to the snow pockets on Blaen Cathra. To the clouds for holding the umbrella above us and teasing us with: will it rain?

For the warmth of sunlight and writers. To the curlews: who can forget their ancient bubble of song, rising out of their curved beaks like something lost from a spring, forgotten, and found again?

Thank you, too, to the larks - all of you - for singing us into silence. (Thank you Catherine Ayres for your line about that!). Thank you to Jody Ferguson for saying 'yeah ok' to my suggesting an outdoor writing workshop for the day on Eycott/Aiket/Oakwood Hill.

Thanks to all the lichens and sphagnum. Thanks to the bogs for being so fozzy and trampoline-like as we plodged our way across you. Thanks to all the writers who came on our journey today, through gates, looking at the small, the beetle pile of logs, the rocks ranging from volcanics through to gabbro and limestone....

Thanks to the here and to the now. To the back then and to our memories, to the songs and to our laughter, the photos - yet to be shared - but some are up there, posted.

And thanks to Cumbria Wildlife Trust for being brave enough to buy a hill and invite us writers to play on it.

Geraldine Green 7.5.2016

The next Write in Nature workshop is on Friday 22nd July. To find out more and to book please visit: