Work parties at Eycott Hill

Work parties at Eycott Hill

Over the past few months I’ve helped to lead a couple of work parties at Eycott Hill Nature Reserve. This has been great experience allowing me to work on my confidence and my ability to lead a group.

The first volunteer work party that I led involved planting a hedge between a new fence, built during another work party, and the original fence. This was an interesting experience as everyone worked well together and worked very quickly. We planted typical hedgerow plants for the area (rowan, hawthorn, blackthorn, gelder rose and hazel).

The second work party was more of a challenge. I had to lead a group building a fire to cook baked potatoes for the volunteer’s Christmas bonfire. Everyone was very helpful and worked well but the fire took a long time to get going and the first batch of potatoes were a bit crispy on the outside, but still good on the inside, and no one seemed to mind too much!

The next few work parties 7th, 13th and 18th of January we will be working on some heathland restoration work on the western part Eycott Hill Nature Reserve. This part of the nature reserve has very little natural heath regeneration, but we are hoping that with the help of heath plug plants and heath seed these areas will develop into thriving heathland habitat. If you would like to come along please email