New Year, New Knowledge

Guided walk at Eycott Hill 

Christmas has soon been and gone but I have come back at full pace ready to do as much as I can before my placement ends in April.

This January I was well and truly thrown in at the deep end with my chainsaw course in the second week back. This was an amazing opportunity for me to be given through the Trust. The course was really exciting (and scary!). As well as learning about felling trees I also learnt about the forestry side of conservation and how different contractors have to work together for the benefit of the client. I am now waiting to be assessed then I will be fully licensed to use a chainsaw on the nature reserves.

I am doing lots more training courses over the next few months such as my outdoor first aid and media training. As well as these I will be out learning on Eycott Hill Nature Reserve and will soon be running guided walks and work parties. If you bump into me on the nature reserve ignore the ramblings about Canada Geese, I’m starting my dissertation for when I go back to the University of Cumbria this September.

As well as completing my own training I’ve also been working with groups of young people who have been volunteering at Eycott Hill, as you can see in the photo I’m delivering very important training on Wellington boot maintenance in bogs!

Alongside all of this new knowledge I am also excited to see some of my projects coming together and some near completion. I’ve been busy putting together education resources and games that can be delivered outdoors and I’m looking forward to delivering some of them soon. I am so happy that I have been able to work with the staff at Eycott Hill to do some projects alongside them and on my own; it is extremely satisfying when looking at the finished products.

So let’s say Cheers to the New Year and let’s look forward to the good weather and other exciting things to come in 2016.