My work placement – Rowena Hargill

Hay meadows at Eycott Hill Nature Reserve 

So where do I begin? I’m now into my third month as the Eycott Hill placement student here at Cumbria Wildlife Trust, and I’ve been involved in the work parties at Eycott Hill.

Eycott is my favourite reserve as like me it is relatively new to Cumbria Wildlife Trust, and even in this short space of time I have seen it become an amazing little piece of countryside. I love it so much here I’m planning to do my dissertation on the reserve!

I have learnt many skills throughout my first months: from the best way to bash bracken so that the newly planted trees can grow, to being able to carry as many tools as possible across the reserve for plug planting (imagine a moving bucking bronco and you’re on the right tracks!). Work parties are great! I get to learn from people from different walks of life, who all have much needed advice on how to be a better all-round person, as well how to be better at whatever task I am doing on the reserve.

I have been involved with the hay meadow restoration at Eycott Hill a lot during these past months, from collecting seeds, watching the green hay being spread, and finally plug planting. I’m now looking forward to watching the meadow grow and develop.

I think I got the best deal being able to start working on this reserve during the summer as I got to learn new skills and meet great people, without being too cold or wet. But now autumn draws in I have my woolly hat at the ready!