Inspirational Eycott Hill!

Crossing troll bridge!

We’ve had lots of fun over the last two months working with Prism Arts and primary school children from St Herbert’s in Keswick, Greystoke and Penruddock on the fantastic arts programme.

Eycott Hill Nature Reserve has been the inspiration for some wonderful stories and the children have loved getting out hunting for mini beasts, taking nature rubbings of volcanic rock, and listening to exciting stories based on local folklore. “Best school trip EVER!” to quote one happy customer!

Ali and Izzy from Prism Arts and I then joined the children in their schools to help them draw and write their own stories about Eycott Hill and make puppets of the main characters. Volcanoes, trolls, hobs, fairies, ravens, snipes, voles, and the infamous witch of the wetlands “Jenny Green-teeth” all make regular appearances!

All of the stories will be available online in the next few months, but be warned before you read them; a visit to Eycott Hill Nature Reserve may never be the same again!