Living seas - Marine Conservation

Protecting wildlife in and around the Irish sea

Underwater scene in the Irish Sea of Thongweed and Snakelocks © Paul Naylor

Living seas

Our vision is that wildlife thrives, from the depths of the ocean to the coastal shallows. 

Hidden beneath the surface are landscapes every bit as varied as those we see on land. Undersea cliffs, caves, valleys and mountains are home to thousands of plants & animals, from tiny anemones to the majestic basking shark. 

Watch our short video clip to discover what marine life lives in the Irish sea:

Discover what is in the Irish sea by watching our short video clip.

How we help nature's recovery in the Irish sea

Cumbria Wildlife Trust works in partnership with The Wildlife Trusts North West.  The Wildlife Trusts North West has helped to secure the Marine and Coastal Access Act.

Our seas have a remarkable capacity to recover, but only if we give them the chance. Decades of neglect have left our seas damaged and degraded, but it's not too late to save them.  Find out more below.

Marine awareness

My Local Catch

My Local Catch is a marine awareness project which aims to raise awareness of the benefits of locally and sustainably-sourced seafood in the recovery of our seas.

More about My Local Catch

My Local Catch

Marine conservation

Cumbrian creel project

The Cumbrian creel project is an innovative project working with local fishermen to diversify away from destructive bottom-towed trawling to more sustainable methods.

More about the Cumbrian creel project

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Restricting damaging activities

Marine Protected Areas

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are places at sea where certain damaging activities are restricted. In England and non-devolved waters they're called Marine Conservation Zones.

More about Marine Protected Areas & Marine Conservation Zones

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Marine policy

Marine Advocacy Programme

Since 2010, the North West Wildlife Trusts have been working to protect the Irish Sea.

The Irish Sea Marine Advocacy Programme aims to influence the designation and appropriate management of Marine Protected Areas in order to restore the Irish Sea to the Wildlife Trusts’ vision for Living Seas.

More on Marine policy

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A short film " What should a Marine Protected Area look like?"  by Thomas Daguerre and Andrew Ball.

Training in the field

Marine Futures Internship

The Marine Futures North West Internship programme offers a unique opportunity for candidates interested in a career in the marine environment.

Gain skills, knowledge and experience across a variety of marine sectors; helping to inform and shape future career opportunities.

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