Gosling Sike

Gosling Sike project

Gosling Sike is now up and running and we are looking forward to the next steps using the site to benefit people and wildlife.

A growing future 

2018 will see more opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to get involved – our first challenge is to establish a community garden in the grounds surrounding the building.

Along the way there will be chance to find out about planting and growing local and native species, explore different habitats and how to make spaces friendly for wildlife.

As wildlife moves in, there will be so much for people visiting to see – and this will change over the seasons.

Get involved

We welcome all who would like to help out and be involved with the garden project. Maybe this is you? If you would like to be involved or are part of a community group that would like to be, please: 

email Kate Jackson, Community Gardener & Engagement Officer

The space will be child-friendly and dementia-friendly, and much of the site will be wheelchair-accessible, so we can work with groups from all sections of the community. 

Beyond the garden

Of course, Gosling Sike is not just a garden. It is an organic farm with English longhorn cattle, sheep, geese, an orchard and bee-keeping. All aspects of the farm provide learning opportunities.

The creation of the wetland a few years ago is especially significant as it allows us to demonstrate, on a small scale, how natural flood management works in practice. The remeandering of the sike and the creation of pools ensures water is stored on the site and its flow is significantly reduced.

There is also a small woodland where we have recently planted native flowers, you should see changes of the seasons.

Events at Gosling Sike

This year you will see more events taking place at Gosling Sike, which will focus on enabling people to experience nature in different ways. Take a look at our What’s On event guide for more information.

We hope to see you there!

Upcoming events at Gosling Sike

If there are any upcoming events at Gosling Sike we'll show them to you below.